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Arnold Wesker

Inter view with Wesker.

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Arnold Wesker, FRSL, Hon. Litt.D., was born in London in 1932 and is the author of forty-two plays mainly for the stage, four books of short stories, two collections of essays, a book for young people, three more of non-fiction, and an autobiography.

His plays include The Kitchen (1957), The Wesker Trilogy (1958/60, comprising Chicken Soup with Barley, Roots, and I’m Talking about Jerusalem), Chips with Everything (1962), The Four Seasons (1965), Love Letters on Blue Paper (1976), Shylock (1976), Annie Wobbler (1982), When God Wanted a Son (1986), Caritas (1988), Circles of Perception (1996), Denial (1997), Groupie (2001), and Longitude (2002).

His work, which includes scripts for TV, radio and film, is continually performed worldwide, and translated/published in eighteen languages. He has won prizes here and abroad and has directed his plays in Havana, Stockholm, Munich, Aarhus, London, Oslo, Madison & Denison universities (US), and Rome.


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