Anglo-Jewish Literary Precursors

Aguilar, Grace.
       The Martyr. 1831.
       The Spirit of Judaism. 1842.
       Home Scenes and Heart Studies. 1843.
       The Women of Israel. 1845.
       The Jewish Faith. 1846.
       The Vale of Cedars. 1850.
      Characters and Sketches from the Holy Scriptures and Jewish History.

Blumenfeld, Simon. Jew Boy 1935
Disraeli, Benjamin

Golding, Louis.  Magnolia Street.

Goldman, William. East End My Cradle 1940
Gordon, Samuel.
Sons of the Covenant.
Levy, Amy.
Reuben Sachs. 1889.
Montagu, Lily.
Naomi’s Exodus.
Broken Stalks.

Polack, Elizabeth (1830’s)

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