J is For Jewish Dramatists

One would wish that Mr. Billington had gone further with this article,  but if he had, maybe he would hve stolen my thunder.  His distinction between dramatists who are Jewish, who resist being labelled “Jewish” and Jewish dramatists–writers who “derive their vitality from their cultural specificity”–is hardly fresh, it is one of the distinctions that it… Continue reading J is For Jewish Dramatists

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Writing Jews in Contemporary Britain

A recording of the whole day of the conference at Birkbeck College, September 11, 2013. http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/2013/09/writing-jews-in-contemporary-britain/ Writing Jews in Contemporary Britain The workshop’s emphasis is on new and innovative work being undertaken in the field and is intended to provide a forum for presenting and analysing the most recent critical and theoretical approaches to British-Jewish… Continue reading Writing Jews in Contemporary Britain