The Wesker Trilogy, 1960

Chicken Soup with Barley 1958 – Belgrade, Coventry.
Roots, 1959 – Belgrade, Coventry.
I’m Talking about Jerusalem, 1960 – Belgrade, Coventry.
The Kitchen,  1959 – Royal Court,(short version). 1961 – Belgrade, Coventry (final version).

Chips with Everything, 1962 – Royal Court.
The Nottingham Captain: A Moral for Narrator, Voices and Orchestra, 1962 – Wellingborough Festival.
The Four Seasons, 1965 – Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.
Their Very Own and Golden City, 1965 – French national Th. of Belgium; 1966 – Royal Court
The Friends, London, 1970 – Lilla Th., Stadsteater, Stockholm; 1970- Roundhouse, London.
The Old Ones, 1972 – Royal Court.
The Wedding Feast, 1974 – Stadsteatern, Stockholm; 1977 – Leeds Playhouse.
The Journalists, 1977 – Criterion Th. Coventry (amateur); 1981 – Landesbuhne, Willhelmshaven.
Love Letters on Blue Paper, 1977 – Syracuse Stage; 1978 – Cottesloe Th. National Th.
The Merchant, 1976 – Royal Dramatenteater, Stockholm. 1977 – Plymouth Th.,  NY;  1978 – Birmingham Rep. revised as Shylock, 1990
Caritas, 1981 – Cottesloe Th., National Th.
Mothers: Four Portraits, 1982 – Matukoshi Royal Th., Tokyo; as Four Portraits of Mothers, 1984
Annie, Anna, Annabella, 1983 – Suddeutscher Rundfunk; 1983 – Birmingham Rep.; as Annie Wobbler, 1983
Sullied Hands, 1984
Yardsale, 1984
Bluey, 1985
One More Ride on the Merry-Go-Round, 1985
Whatever Happened to Betty Lemon?, 1986
Little Old Lady, 1988
Beorhtel’s Hill, 1989
Shoeshine, 1989
One Woman Plays: Yardsale, Whatever Happened to Betty Lemon?, Four Portraits of Mothers, The Mistress, Annie Wobbler, 1989
The Kitchen and Other Plays (includes revised version of The Four Seasons, The Kitchen, Their Very Own, and Golden City), 1990
Chips with Everything and Other Plays (includes The Friends, The Old Ones, Love Letters on Blue Paper), 1990
Shylock and Other Plays (includes The Journalists, The Wedding Feast, The Merchant as Shylock), 1990
Lady Othello and Other Plays: One More Ride on the Merry Go-Round, Caritas, When God Wanted a Son, Lady Othello, Bluey, 1990
Blood Libel, 1991
The Mistress, 1991
Letter to a Daughter, 1992
Three Woman Talking, 1992
Wild Spring and Other Plays, 1994


The Kitchen, 1961

Radio Plays (in chronological order):
Annie, Anna, Annabella, 1983
Yardsale, 1984
Bluey, 1985

Menace, 1963 – 8 Dec. BBC TV.
Love Letters on Blue Paper, 1976 – 2 Mar.
Diary of a Good Neighbour, 1989
Letter to a Daughter, 1992
Short Stories (in chronological order):
Love Letters on Blue Paper, 1974
Said the Old Man to the Young Man: Three Stories, 1978
Love Letters on Blue Paper and Other Stories, 1980
The King’s Daughters: 12 Erotic Stories, 1998


Fatlips. New Yori: Harper and Row, 1978. Print.

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