Fatlips. New York: Harper and Row, 1978. Print.

The Wesker Trilogy. London:, Cape, 1960; New York, Random House, 1961; Penguin, 1964. [Chicken Soup with Barley, Roots, I’m Talking About Jerusalem.]

Love Letters on Blue Paper. London: Penguin, 1980.
[“Six Sundays in January”; “Love Letters on Blue Paper”; “The Man Who Became Afraid”; “The Visit”.]

Three Plays London: Penguin, 1976.  [Republished as  Arnold Wesker Volume 2. London: Penguin, 1980.] 
[The Kitchen; The Four Season; Their Very Own and Golden City.]

Arnold Wesker Volume 3. London: Penguin, 1980.
[Chips with Everything; The Friends; The Old Ones; Love Letters on Blue Paper.]

 Arnold Wesker Volume 4. London: Penguin, 1980.
[The Journalists; The Merchant; The Wedding Feast.‘]

Arnold Wesker Volume 5: One Woman Plays. London: Penguin, 1989.
[Yardsale; Whatever Happened to Betty Lemon? Four Portraits – of Mothers; The Mistress. Annie Wobbler]

Arnold Wesker Volume 6: Lady Othello and Other Plays. London: Penguin, 1990.
[One More Ride on the Merry-Go-Round; Caritas; When God Wanted a Son; Lady Othello; Bluey.]

Arnold Wesker Volume 7: Wild Spring and Other Plays. London: Penguin, 1994.
[Badebnheim 1939; Beorhtel’s Hill; Three Women Talking; Letter to a Daughter; Blood Libel; Wild Spring.]

Wesker’s Social Plays. London, Oberon, 2009.

[The Kitchen; Voices on the Wind; Denial; the Rocking Horse Kid; When God Wanted a Son.]

Joy and Tyranny. London, Oberon Books, 2011.

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