Ruth Fainlight


Poetry (in chronological order):

A Forecast, a Fable, 1958

Cages, 1966

18 Poems from 1966, 1967

To See the Matter Clearly and Other Poems, 1968

Poems, with Alan Sillitoe and Ted Hughes, 1971

The Region’s Violence, 1973

21 Poems, 1973

Another Full Moon, 1976

Sibyls and Others, 1980

Climates, 1983

Fifteen to Infinity, 1983

Selected Poems, 1987

Three Poems, 1988

The Knot, 1990

Sibyls, 1991

This Time of Year, 1993

Selected Poems, 1995

Sugar-Paper Blue, 1997

Poems, 1999

Short Stories (in chronological order):

Daylife and Nightlife, 1971

Dr Clock’s Last Case, 1994

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